Biogas Energy Recovery

The anaerobic treatment process produces biogas, a gaseous fuel consisting mostly of methane that can be converted into green, renewable energy. This valuable resource can be used to generate process heat or electricity, helping to offset energy costs. In addition to the attractive cost savings, preventing methane from escaping into the atmosphere with a tank or lagoon cover helps the environment by reducing greenhouse gases.

If biogas at your plant is currently disappearing into thin air, it’s time to consider a GTI cover solution to make better use of wasted biogas. Perfect for waste-to-energy initiatives, GTI covers are designed to be gastight for safe biogas handling. They are made with strong, long-lasting materials to resist tears, punctures, chemicals, and UV rays.

Gas collection covers are typically used for lagoon and large tanks, while structurally supported covers or modular floating covers are used on smaller tanks and basins. GTI also offers biogas control systems to protect the cover while reliably supplying methane gas at the appropriate pressures. 

Discover how biogas collection can help reduce electricity consumption and lower utility costs at your facility:

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