GTI Cover Selected for Food Processing Plant’s Anaerobic Digester

Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI) has been awarded an exciting cover project with a U.S.-based food processor.

The well-established food processor’s plant, which specializes in deli salads and cake icing, is located in Indiana, USA. Food processing wastewater will be treated on-site in a new anaerobic reactor, followed by aerobic treatment in a sequencing batch reactor. The wastewater treatment process will generate high-quality effluent and biogas suitable for in-plant use.

GTI will design, fabricate, and install a gas collection cover for the reactor. The cover will reliably capture biogas produced by anaerobic digestion. This biogas will be scrubbed to remove hydrogen sulfide, and then utilized in a genset equipped with dynamic natural gas blending. Power generated from the genset will be sent to the plant’s electrical grid, and heat will be supplied to the recycle line of the anaerobic reactor and/or the boiler room.