GTI Selected as Part of Large Paper Mill’s Wastewater Treatment Upgrade

Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI) is pleased to have been awarded a contract to cover a large anaerobic digester at with one of its innovative gas collection covers.

Lake Utopia Paper, a J.D. Irving Company, manufactures approximately 185,000 tonnes of finished corrugating medium per year. The mill, which is located in New Brunswick, Canada, was an early adopter of anaerobic digestion technology. A plant expansion and upgrade of current infrastructure recently led the mill to invest in a new wastewater treatment system, which will be installed this year.

As part of the project, GTI’s team will install the internal piping, a liner with geotextile, and a 668 x 334 ft (204 x 102 m) cover for the new 150,000 m³ anaerobic digester. The gas collection cover will collect valuable biogas produced during wastewater treatment, while controlling odors and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

GTI will custom-design the tank cover to ensure the proper fit. The finished cover will include four access hatches, two mixer hatches, and many sample ports to help simplify routine maintenance at the mill. It will also be insulated to maintain temperatures within the digester, ensuring proper treatment of the mill’s wastewater.

Substantial completion of work is expected in 2017.