GTI to Custom-Design Odor Control Covers for Primary Clarifiers

Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI) is proud to have been selected as part of an odor control upgrade at a wastewater treatment plant in Ontario, Canada.

After an exhaustive bid process, GTI’s structurally supported covers were selected to cover six primary clarifiers at the treatment plant. The decision to select this type of cover was due in part to the ease of access the covers provide plant workers. GTI’s tank covers span over low-profile aluminum arched frames to cover the openings of the primary clarifiers—but they also retract easily to simplify maintenance.

The covers will help control odor resulting from wastewater treatment. GTI’s portion of the project includes designing and supplying all structurally supported covers, as well as related framing, checker plate walkways, and access hatches.

The odor control project involves a complex design to accommodate various items of existing equipment that protrude into the tanks. For example, the GTI cover system will include ‘shelf angles’ mounted to the vertical face of the concrete so that the cover system does not conflict with the existing guardrail. The design will also accommodate the scum trough, valves, and other protruding equipment.

Design is ongoing and the project is expected to be completed in summer 2017.