GTI’s Cover and Liner System Will Help Town Expand Anaerobic Sewer Lagoon

Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI) is proud to have been selected for a cover and liner project for the expansion of an anaerobic sewer lagoon. The project involves adding an extra pond to the town’s existing lagoon for sewage digestion in order to increase capacity.

GTI has been contracted to design, fabricate, and install a modular floating cover system, as well as a reinforced polypropylene liner. The GTI cover system will consist of a series of interconnected floating modules that, when combined, will completely cover the surface of the cell. The individual cover modules are anchored to the perimeter using weighted, UV-protected geomembrane skirting.

The innovative cover system floats, allowing it to easily accommodate varied water levels in the lagoon. The cover will provide thermal protection and, under normal operating conditions, resist wind speeds of up to 70 mph. It will also provide access for sludge removal, simplifying maintenance.

GTI’s experienced team will install and field-seam the 22,000 sq. ft. liner panels for the new anaerobic cell.