Large Brewery Taps into Green Energy with New Gas Collection Cover

Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI) has been selected by a U.S. brewery to replace a large gas collection cover on the brewery’s anaerobic digester.

Large Brewery Taps into Green EnergyThe new GTI cover will collect valuable biogas, while providing thermal protection, accommodating water fluctuations, and draining rainwater. The rainwater drains will be replaced with GTI’s newly-designed long sleeve drains used to limit air infiltration. Several pieces of the existing cover, including the existing wall and batten system and access hatch, can be reused, helping keep costs down.

The project also involves the installation of newly constructed floating baffles within the anaerobic digester. These baffles extend across the digester, reducing short circuiting of flows and improving solids retention.

The GTI gas collection cover has excellent chemical and UV-ray resistance and exceptional strength characteristics, making it a good fit for covering industrial wastewater. The cover can safely support body weight so plant operators can walk on the cover to take samples and access equipment when needed. After the new cover is installed, GTI’s team will measure the oxygen level in the biogas under the cover to ensure the cover is sufficiently gastight.