Less Algae Equates to Better Water Quality

Location: United States
Solution: Structurally Supported Covers

The Utility:

A private water treatment plant serving approximately 1.4 million residents in Pennsylvania, USA.

The Utility’s Needs:

In response to changing water quality requirements, the water treatment plant was taking corrective actions to ensure it was producing the best water possible. Excessive algae can clog intake screens, cause pH levels to fluctuate, increase chlorine demand, and negatively affect the taste and smell of water. One of the goals of its latest water improvement project was to reduce algae build-up in its settling basins.

The Solution:

Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI) custom-engineered, fabricated, and supplied four large structurally supported covers for the water treatment plant’s settling basins and plate settlers.

The retractable fabric covers are installed on supporting aluminum arches and designed to work around existing equipment. The covers also include 2 ft x 2 ft (61 cm x 61 cm) fabric hatches so that plant workers can easily access the inside of the settling basins.

GTI also provided a flat aluminum deck to accommodate the motor drives and pipe penetrations and help workers access past the pipes and the control panel.

The Results:

By blocking sunlight within its tanks with GTI’s structurally supported covers, the water treatment plant has effectively reduced algae growth. The decision to install the covers has also reduced chemical usage and minimized the formation of disinfectant by-products (DBPs). 

This award-winning treatment plant continues to be a leader in providing drinking water that surpasses federal standards. GTI’s retractable covers are just one more way this treatment plant is treating its water right.