Biogas Control Systems

Protect your investment with the proper equipment.

GTI offers control systems to safely operate its biogas collection covers. These systems deliver collected biogas into a pipeline for renewable energy conversion or disposal while monitoring and protecting the cover.

GTI’s biogas control systems are designed to:

  • Safely deliver biogas to be converted into green energy
  • Protect the cover from damage
  • Control sediment & moisture in the gas
  • Withstand corrosive gases
  • Allow real-time remote monitoring
  • Alert operators to unsafe operating conditions

The control system regulates the withdrawal of biogas from underneath the cover. The system maintains a consistent vacuum by removing biogas at the same rate as it is generated. The cover is drawn to the water surface, helping protect it from potential damages. Advanced control options for biogas storage can be incorporated to optimize biogas utilization in engines or boilers.

The base system includes sufficient equipment, instrumentation, and programming to safely regulate the flow of biogas and disposal to a flare. The system can deliver the biogas for use in most low pressure applications such as boilers. Special considerations are necessary to use the biogas in high pressure applications.

Safely control biogas

Because biogas is corrosive, biogas pipelines, valves, and other equipment are made with corrosion-resistant materials; critical parts are typically stainless steel. Moisture traps and safety valves are included. In the event of power failure or blower maintenance, emergency vent stacks are provided to allow the biogas to be dispersed into the atmosphere.

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is used to display and trend operational data and provide automatic control of the system. The PLC provides a local operator interface and offers outputs for remote monitoring. Alarms are programmed to notify operators of issues in real time.

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