Modular Covers

Control odor, algae, and temperature at water and wastewater treatment plants.

By covering the water surface with a GTI patented* modular floating cover, the effects of wind and sunlight are drastically reduced. Gases are contained beneath the cover, limiting the emission of foul odor.

Modular floating covers are designed to:

  • Control odors
  • Provide thermal insulation
  • Block sunlight to minimize algae growth
  • Resist cracks, breaks, chemicals, and UV rays
  • Accommodate water level fluctuations
  • Drain rainwater and snowmelt automatically

Constructed with durable polyethylene materials, GTI’s floating covers are flexible and buoyant, allowing workers to safely walk on the cover. The modular design allows panels to be removed and replaced for basin draining, cleaning, and maintenance. Rainwater and snowmelt drains through the seams of the cover.

Modular covers are suited for both aerated and non-aerated systems. In the standard configuration, offgases or air from aerated systems vent through the seams. Conversion kits are available to allow for offgas collection and treatment.

Learn more about how GTI's modular covers can control odor and provide thermal protection for tanks and lagoons:

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*Protected by one or more patents. For patent information, contact us.