Agricultural Covers

Reduce farm operating costs and harness energy.

GTI custom designs and builds cover systems for the unique requirements of the agricultural market.

Covers on manure tanks and/or lagoons are used to collect biogas for energy recovery. They also create more usable space in tanks by separating rainwater from the manure.

GTI’s custom tank and lagoon products:

  •  Control odors and temperature
  •  Collect and deliver biogas for green energy generation
  •  Lower operational costs and energy consumption
  •  Divert rainwater and snowmelt from tank and lagoon contents
  •  Allow accessibility for mixing
  •  Increase safety

GTI’s patented* covers are low maintenance and built to withstand tough environmental conditions. They are fabricated using strong, durable materials that are chemical-resistant and UV-protected, and can be installed in any climate.

Common agricultural applications:

  • Manure tanks and lagoons
  • Fertilizers, pesticides, slaughtering waste, and silage liquor
  • Irrigation ponds

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*Protected by one or more patents. For patent information, contact us.