Suspended Covers

Capture odors and control algae with a GTI suspended cover system.

GTI’s suspended covers are functional and economical cover systems perfect for small rectangular or circular tanks.

Suspended covers consist of a high-strength membrane cover securely anchored to the tank perimeter and suspended across a tank opening. Rainwater drains into the tank through a weight pipe and drain hole system.

Cover features and benefits:

  • Captures odorous gas for removal and treatment
  • Blocks sunlight to inhibit algae growth in water or wastewater
  • Reduces process heat loss and protects tank contents from freezing
  • Reduces water evaporation
  • Can be installed without disrupting plant operation
  • Has low maintenance requirements
  • Supports snow loads
  • Automatically drains rain or snowmelt water into the tank
  • Prevents debris from entering the tank

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